Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where Did All That Time Go?

Well, I guess it's been over two years since my last post. Since this blog doesn't get any readers at the moment, I guess I'm just talking to myself. Life has been pretty good in the last two years. Let's see. Oh Yeah, we had a little baby girl named Eva Jean. She is beautiful and is now almost 16 months old (two months from nursery...YEAH) and she is walking and saying a few words. I think her cutest trick is probably when she says "eye" and points to her own eye. I guess it's cute because more often than not she pokes herself in her eye and can't seem to figure out why it hurts. Scott (as Jaden now goes by his middle name), is still amazing as well. He was recently awarded the Student of the Month award at school, where he is in the first grade. He has really made remarkable progress and is reading pretty well right now. He can read books like The Cat in the Hat with limited help. Nellie and I are doing well. After having the baby, Nellie has worked like a mad person to lose the baby weight and she is now back to pre-wedding weight. I have not fared as well, but I am back to running more often than I was. Right now Nellie is in the basement (something else that has happened in the last two years...we finished it), working on the most elaborate bird costume ever for Scott. She is so meticulous and cute, I am amazed at her skills. That's about it...Hopefully this is the start of something good.