Sunday, November 02, 2008


Halloween was really pretty tiring/fun this year. I remember in the years before children that Nell and I would sometimes do nothing for Halloween, but it is no longer a non-event. I got up a little earlier than usual to put together the final components for my Dwight Schrute costume. Although it wasn't a costume that wins awards, it was pretty fun. (For those of you who aren't blessed to have The Office in your life....go to and check it out....) Mostly the costume was all about the extras. I went to the Wal Mart and bought a calculator watch, and went to the DI and bought a lime greenish shirt and awful tie. Nellie bought a recorder for me, which I learned to play the theme from The Office on, as well as the Star Wars Theme (you can learn to do so much on YouTube). I also put a stapler in Jello, brought a squash that I put in an apron to act like I was pregnant, and had my D.S. bobblehead. It was fun.

At lunch, we went to Scott's school to see his
parade. I love being a dad for moments like those, Nellie made a broadway-worthy costume for him, he was a bird, and Eva was a bee. How cute are they?

After the par
ade, I went back to work while Nell helped out with Scott's class party. After she shuttled Scott to a neighborhood party while Eva napped.

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