Friday, December 26, 2008

Eva's Song

For Christmas I wrote/am writing, songs for Scott and Eva. While Scott's song is currently leaving me with writers block (yes, it's a real problem), Eva's song is finished. At Aunt Laura's suggestion, here it is:

Eva's Song (I'm the Boss)

Morning comes too early in my house,
Brother's tromping is much louder than a mouse.
Bleary eyed, ripped from beauty's dreams,
they're going to hear it in a moment when I scream.
Toss my soggy diaper, get my breakfast make it fast,
Unless I'm wrong (which I'm not), it's not too much to ask.

Cuz I'm the boss I don't worry 'bout the cost.
Since I'm the queen I don't care if I sound mean,
Yes I'm in charge, even though I'm not very large,
You're gonna know it when I scream.

Clock straight up, and Dad walks in the door,
I've been busy throwing my lunch on the floor.
He gets in my face and asks me for a kiss,
Sometimes I wonder who he thinks he is.
Though I'm not tired he puts me into bed,
(doesn't he know that) baby princesses should be given treat instead.


It gets tiring keeping Mom in line all day,
It seems she's always getting in the way.
Like when it's time to reorganize the drawers,
or when I feel like drawing on the floor.
Good thing I know how to stomp my foot just right,
flash my toothy grin and you know I've won the fight...


So this is the song, I really have a lot of fun playing it for Eva, it remains to be seen if she really likes it.

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