Sunday, January 04, 2009

Guest Entry...Starring Spencer Perkins

Right now, I am at a family party with my big brother Trevor. He was very impressed by my blogging skills. He told me he wanted me to spice up his blog. He said and I quote "My blog is mild, but I want it to be caliente." I broke the news to him that even with my interesting, quippy remarks it won't be any hotter than a medium. He didn't take the news as well as I thought he would. He wept for 10 to 15 minutes. After he has calmed down, he knelt down, kissed my hand, and asked me with all the diligence he could muster for me to write the best blog ever for him. So I am.
Our family is very loud and we are very insulting towards each other. If anybody comes wearing an ugly shirt, with a slight body odor, or a bad hair cut. They are going to hear about it, all night. They will hear about it, until the problem is solved. They are belittled and tortured. For example, we have a sister named Emily who is on a mission in Tokyo, Japan. We don't miss her. We are incredibly happy she went on a mission, one sentence can describe our joy. "Best Christmas Ever!"
So here we are at our family party, and as usual, Trevor (the oldest brother, who is supposed to be superior) is in the corner, crying, because we are making fun of the Cougars losing their bowl game to an unranked team, from Arizona. Anyways to cut this short, so you'll read it to the end. Our family is very rude to each other. We make each other feel bad about themselves. Either it's their complexion, shoe size, bad hair cut, or the most common one, receding hairlines.
Anyways, Peace.

Editors Note: This entry is true in a sad way. Spencer apologizes for grammatical errors and said "I've lived in Payson for nine years." Like that's any consolation.

The picture is Spencer's halloween costume. He is an ipod commercial.

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