Monday, January 19, 2009

MCIF Moment

Life isn't made up of huge chunks. Really, it's made up of moments that become hours which become days, weeks, months and years. It's easy to see where time goes, and it's funny to think about what happens if you lose track of those moments. There certainly have been moments where I wasn't living in the present, where I lived for what was next. I think being a father helps you to not take any time for granted.

Life seems to get pretty full, and if you've invited me to hang out with you lately you'll agree. With my work, my family, my friends and my calling I end up running place to place, until I crash at night. In the midst of all of life's activities, sometimes I have what I will call MCIF moments. (My Cup is Full) On Sunday, my wife had to get the kids up and get them ready because I got to take my young men to the developmental center in American Fork for church. When I finished, sacrament meeting was just starting, so instead of the nap, I went to help with the kids.

When I walked in and sat down, Nellie looked happy to see me, but when both of my kids climbed onto my lap, I felt such love. I help both of them, each on one leg and pushed pause on the life button. I love moments where you realize just how blessed you really are. My kids love me, and I love them so much. It's hard to believe how much you can love such stinkers. Did I mention how great a mother Nellie is? She's great. Anyway, look out for those moments...they are all over, if you let them be.


Angi said...

Trevor, I love that you have such a great outlook on things and I love the way to talk about your family. I especially love the way you honor Janelle. I can tell that you are a wonderful husband and father! And a great guy too!

Trevor Perkins said...

Well thanks...I'm blushing a little bit right now.

Jaime said...

i wish i could think of a more clever way to say this but, i'm glad that your cup is full. :)