Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter-The First Holiday Observed on this Blog!

Easter is a lot more fun when you have a kid. I used to think it was fun back when I was a boy to color easter eggs, and later to hide them for my siblings. Today was a great easter day. This morning, before we went to church, we spent some time trying to teach Jaden about why we celebrate easter. We watched a video about the ressurection and I have the feeling that about 1/100,000 of what I said sunk in...always good to know something good is happening.
I'm sad to report that in terms of providing our son with a traditional easter, we failed. Nellie worked on Saturday so we didn't end up coloring eggs, and we didn't even give him his basket until after church (around 2:30). I don't think the boy minded, he happily ate his candy. We did get him a cute easter outfit, which his mom picked out, and dad tried to get some good photos to share. I am still learning to master that digital camera of Nell's (think normal digital camera on steroids). If Jaden looks unreponsive it's because he was watching Thomas the Tank Engine and couldn't be too bothered to look at dad.
We went over to my parents for a family dinner, it was good and a little hectic. It's funny to see my family grow up and expand. Even my little sister Becca had her boyfriend over, and with the four cousins it seems like my parents house was teeming with activity.
Overall, I definately reccomend any holiday with children over one without. Jaden is a stud.

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