Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is NOT Off to a Good Start

When I started this Blog, I envisioned the end of Doogie Houser MD, where he writes his journal and goes to bed. I guess Doogie was really before his time. I'm more like the guy who turns his school assignment in two days late and only meeting half the requirements. The concept of a blog to me was about Janelle and I getting to share our lives with people who are too far away to be involved day to day. Okay, it was mostly about showing everyone how cute Jaden is. Let's hope that I can fulfill the end to which I started this blog.

The best news of the week is that we sat down with our lawyer on Thursday and scheduled our adoption finalization! This Friday, the 28th, we will be in court first thing in the morning. It is exciting to think that after six months of living with slight anxiety over what
could happen that we get to officially say he is ours!!!

We recently added a new member to the family, he is red and is named it's not a cat or dog, it is a train. Jaden finally, after a month of urging, used the toilet to do something other than urinate in, and James was his reward. On Saturday he spent much of the day sharing his track with both Thomas and James. His favorite new game involves putting Thomas right in the way of James and then bossing Thomas to get out of the way, then saying "no, ask nicely!" To which James apparently replies "I would like you move, Thomas, please." It is nice that something we are teaching him is apparently taking root.

We took Jaden to the zoo on Wednesday, he got to hang out with his cousin Kai. Their favorite thing wasn't an animal at all, it was the train, but they seem to share an affinity for snakes. Go figure.

With her last final out of the way at BYU, Nellie has finally finished most of college. She got news this week that she will be doing an internship at BYU's Museum of Art (MOA for those of you who are into the lingo). This is pretty exciting because it will still allow her to graduate in August, rather than wait until December. With school winding down, I swear I see her twitch just a little when people ask her how long it took to finish school. "You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years,"-Tommy Callahan "I know, they're called doctors."-Richard Hayden. (from Tommy Boy)

I spent Saturday putting the downstairs bathroom back together with my dad and brother Ben. Truth be told, I really didn't do nearly as much as my father or brother. In the end we almost have a bathroom that is ready to use, and close to being ready to decorate. I tinkered on other small projects like pulling down two sattelite dish posts (sans actually satellites) on the roof, and getting rid of the dearth of weeds on our driveway. Fixing up this house will be financially worthwhile, but I don't know we will be able to leave after everything is finished. I also spent some time this week taking care of small details for the business. Nell has agreed to do some photography for my homepage, which I think is great, nothing like having a professional that I can bribe with ice cream.

That is about all for this week. I am working on setting up an account of pictures on Flickr. com, there will be a link on the right of the page, but I am trying to figure out how to link directly up with it so there can be more than one or two pictures in the body of the blog.

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